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Memage reaches out of the blogosphere!

We undoubtedly have too many books and we have even toyed with the idea of putting our books in a separate house, but that would mean we would have to visit our books and maybe get our books a babysitter and maybe that is not such a good idea

Adrienne Clarkson, the Governor-General of Canada, responds to that tagging book meme that's been going around.

(Thanks to jawnbc in canadakicksass for pointing this out.)

And as for me, I got tagged by zibblsnrt and tropism a while back, so here's my answers.

Number of books I own:
Entirely too many to count. I'm hoping Project Bookworm will be able to give me a more defenitive list, but that isn't a project to be started until I get to Sacramento. But there's about 12 crates of books in the shed, 3 or 4 in storage at the storage place, two bookshelves worth of 'em here, and plus they're piled everywhere.

It's probably a safe bet that I have somewhere in the neighborhood of three thousand books. Plus or minus a thousand. I'm a bibliophile.

Last book I bought:

Homeward Bound, the followup to Harry Turtledove's Worldwar and Colonization series.

Last book I read:

A book from when I was a kid called The Computer that said Steal Me. At least in full. Just before bed I was poking through my copy of GURPS In Nomine trying to come up wth a character for a game that inflection plans to be running through.

Five books that mean a lot to me:

Wow, this'll be hard.

The Collected Poems of TS Eliot -- I'm nearly about as obsessive an Eliot fan as I am a Paul Simon fan. (I name my computers after TS Eliot poems. My first computer was Wasteland, then Prufrock is sitting under the desk, Macavity was my late lamented laptop, the computer I'm currently on is called Hollowman, and the HP I have, if I can ever get it and Luns in the same place at the same time, will be called gerotion.) Anyway, Eliot is one of those authors that jumped out and grabbed me as a high schooler and whom I've never been able to let go of.

The Bible -- This probably comes as a surprise to some. But to be a well educated student of English literature, you have to know your Bible. There's a reason Bible stories are told to us in our youths, beyond this culture being mostly Christian in nature, and that is because there's some darn good stories about faith and redemption and doing what's right even when it seems wrong. Thus, I have to name it in a top five. (I'd name Shakespeare too, but i can't name my favourite play.)

The Foundation Trilogy, Isaac Asimov -- His later books in this series got incredibly disjoint, and I think he worked too hard to make it fit with his Robot novels, but the original three books in this series were my first inclinations that science fiction has as much to do with the soft sciences of psychology and sociology as well as the harder sciences. And while I enjoy a well told tale of hard sci-fi, I really like the softer stuff.

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley -- This was a hard choice. One of the dystopias had to make it, and I pretty much had it down to four -- this one, 1984, We, and Farenheit 451, but I finally chose to go with this one because I think, of our probable futures, Huxley's bleak tale beats out Orwell's, Zamayatin (being a Soviet author) is too obscure for most (and requires some math knowledge, I didn't understand some of it until I reread it in HS), and F451 suffers from the same overuse as 1984.

The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury -- A Ray Bradbury book does round out the top five. We had to read portions of this in my eighth grade language arts class, and I fell in love with the fantastic world Bradbury imagines, and the threads of destruction, hope, and redemption that humanity exemplifies. My origianal pulp copy is battered into submisison with all the quotes and underlines and rereadings I gave the thing.

This is just a top five, mind you, I could go on and on with favourite books, and I'm sure I'll think of ten I should have listed here.

Argh, I don't know. I think most people have already done it. If you have and I've missed it, well, lemme know where it is, but I'd love to see lirazel, jrenken, fb, griffen, and tanesmuti all tackle it. ;) And if you want to and I didn't get you, well, go ahead!

[And I really *really* really need a bookworm icon.]

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