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books with shiny clean hair...

Collective minds of LJ, unite...

How the fuck do I get shampoo off books?

(It got there because somehow I thought a shampoo bottle belonged in a box of books. I make no claims to sanity. This is doubly annoying because a large collection of said books affected was a good chunk of the rather small graphic novel collection I've built up. If it was just paperbacks, I'd replace the paperbacks, but it's not.)

What a mess. :P

[They're unsalvagable. Well, fuck. I'll have to replace, which is going to be ouch, my wallet, but...]

The casualty list (on macklinr's suggestion):
Sandman #1 (Preludes and Noctunes) [one died, two is fine. Two's the only one I had when I was in Berkeley that survived. Go fig.]
Hellboy #1 (Seed of Destruction)
Planetary #1 and #2 (Around the World and Other Stories/Fourth Man)
Transmetropolitan #1-#6 inclusive

Yeah, it was a *small* collection, but I really started when mrfnord threw a couple of those my way to enjoy early last spring.

Thank goodness I didn't pile the ones I've bought since I came back to Redding in the box yet. :)
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