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puns, first thing when I wake up. :(

[06:41] * katster blinks a few times and wonders if somebody got the number of the truck that hit me?
[06:42] <Shadur> 867-5309, I think.
[06:45] <katster> ow

Up *entirely* too damned early so I can take mom to a neurologist's appointment at 8:30. Grrr. There are times I wish she'd thought to schedule better.

That and we're showing the house to somebody at four this afternoon. We're not really *ready* to do this, but...meh. The room still isn't clean. There is so muich to do and so little time.

And I am so tired.

And my dreams were crazy, involving the congressman from Moscow, who had a commercial in which he spoke in Russian. The gang of us in his class had the proper translations fed to us from the Russian student, and we started cracking up rather hilariously at some of the bad translations and a few bad puns. That and he got rather irate that we were in his office when he showed up (raiding his desk drawer at that) and was going to be very harsh on us about that. But we managed to talk him down.

The commercial ended and the alarm went off, nearly perfectly like that.

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