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I had to share. And maybe if I put it in my journal, I'll remember.

This confession is probably going to come out and sound very odd.

Despite my status as the Paul Simon ultimate fangirl, I do not own all the albums. A lot of the reason for that is that the older stuff was harder to find, and while I had the entire internet at my disposal, I often didn't have the cash to buy a lot of CDs, and old Simon stuff wasn't likely to turn up in the used bins while I was at college. And since then, it's been difficult to wed the three situations of money, recalling that I needed them, and being in the proper place to use both the memory and the money to rectify the situation. And many of the tracks I've heard, I do possess, for example, his greatest hits on CD, and my mother owns the box set that first caught my attention to the man at first.

So. I was pondering doing a beginner's guide to Mr. Simon as well as the one I did for GBS over in one of the audiophile communities on LJ and I decided that it was probably worth it to go poke around and see what I could find. And et voila, sure enough, I found out about the album that covers the image you see here. Actually, it's a box set that covers all nine of his post-S&G studio solo albums -- Paul Simon, There Goes Rhymin' Simon, Still Crazy After All These Years, One Trick Pony, Hearts and Bones, Graceland, Rhythm of the Saints, Songs from the Capeman, and You're the One (and huh, listing 'em like that, I see I've got more than half, but it's the latter five) -- and comes with some rather cool and unique bonus tracks with each album that I've never heard before. (Just for the completist, there's also the Paul Simon Songbook, with solo versions of tracks we'd later hear on S&G records; two live albums: Live Simon (released after Still Crazy) and Concert in the Park; and two (I think, there may be three, and I'm tired this morning) greatest hits albums. (I'm partial to the latter, Negotiations and Love Songs, as a good introduction to Simon's solo work).

Too bad it's listing somewhere between $120-$160, or else it would so be mine. ;)

So. If you're my long lost rich uncle, and you want to make me very happy, now you know how to do it. If you're not, well, mebbe I've pointed at something you want (and I've linked it through to on the image)

[And now, back to work. And music needs to be an icon somewhere. I'll figure it out.]
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