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Don't ask me where my brain comes up with these things...

So anyway, who knows what Bob and Chris went off to do, and why Murray wasn't around, but I get a phone call from Alan and Sean of GBS. They're doing some tours around Newfoundland, and they need a backup rhythm guitarist/singer, and would I want the job? I would be crazy to turn this down. So I go to live with Alan and Sean and another girl they've hired to play the tambourine, and we have concerts and I'm nervous because I only know three chords, but somehow I get through them and do rather well.

So it comes down to the last day, and I'm talking with Sean, and he goes, "There might be room for you." And I'm like, what? and I confess that I only know three chords to him, and he smiles and says, "You've been doing fine and we all had to start somewhere, right?" And he makes no promises and says he'll talk to Alan.

Anyway, Alan decides to drive all of us to the last concert in his dune buggy, and we drive, and Newfoundland looks a lot like California with more water, and the dune buggy breaks down. And so while we're waiting for the tow truck, Alan calls me over, because he wants to talk to me. And he said, "If we could keep you in front of a mike without the instrument, you'd probably look a lot more comfortable, I think. I wish I could keep you, but I can't." And we talk a while, and it's agreed that whenever GBS is in SF, I can come sing with 'em and Alan and I would hit up a bunch of bars in the city.

And it was good.

I don't know what this dream meant, but it was kinda funny, so I figured I'd share.
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