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the great book recommendation thread.

Okay. I threw this question on IRC, but I'll throw it here too. There's got to be somebody out there who's got an answer or two or six.

We'll leave alone any question of genre at the moment (although I like my fiction more in the science fiction/fantasy department) and simply throw the table wide open.

What books would you recommend? Books that are your favourites, books that are timely, books that mean the world to you fifteen years later...any book at all. Just toss me a few recommendations. 'Cause I'm looking for good books to read, and the best way to find new books is to ask friends what they like. Anything goes here, if it's readable, it'll count as 'book' in my mind. :) [yes, comic books and graphic novels count in 'books'.]

So help me out here and recommend a book or twenty. ;)

[still need a good bibliophile icon, yes.]
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