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Britney's kitty.


A few nights ago, Britney the dog went ballistic. Thinking it was somebody trying to break into the cars, Jill and I run outside, me with the baseball bat. As we're locking things up, Brit gets all excited and wants to go in the backyard. Worried, we follow carefully. She finds what at first appeared to be a cat on the fence and went leaping for it, trying to chase it out of the backyard. But it didn't look right for a cat, and it turned out it wasn't.

Unfortunately, that night I didn't have my camera, but the fellow came back today, and I was able to get this shot of him in the neighbor's tree.

(the full shot and a slightly less tightly cropped one can be seen at this gallery).

Yep, we've got a neigborhood possum, it appears. :)
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