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it's noon and I'm tiiiiiired...

But I've got one more class to get through. Not that I want to be there, but it's the first day for this particular set of the class, and so I should show up.

test went alright, I pretty much knew what I was doing. The back page was tricky just because I'm not sure how an ascii string gets represented when I shove it into a variable in the assembler program, and had no way of checking my answers like the rest of my luckyduck classmates. (I think I'm gonna make sure I have a computer availiable to me from now on.)

I think, when I finish with program and tomorrow's test, I'll finally get myself around to writing about the Watchers. Too bad Will doesn't read LJ, he'll prolly be amused 'cause I'm gonna talk about the RPG he likes... ;)

that's about it for now, I'll be back sometime later. Dunno just when yet.

--the fool on the hill

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