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A notice.

I *will* be less than sporadic over the next week or two as internet access is unstable. (I need to get another laptop.)

The easiest way to reach me is my cellphone. The number is in this locked friends post, or you can email or message me via LJ.

I'll be online at points next week, but I don't know how long I'll have, so email is probably the second best way of reaching me, especially if it's not time-sensitive.

To the #spork gang, Zibb is in charge. Listen to him, and, while I won't ask you to obey, keep his guidance in mind.

I'll catch you all when I get a chance.

[Edit: Well, okay. Zibb's not in charge either, given that he's net.dead too, which I didn't see when I made my post. Technically, Aris is next in line, but given her sporadicness, that means Cal's in charge, kiddos. Be nice.

And I'm really taking the computer down now.]

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