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DateOpponentCal scoreOpponent scoreCal total scoreOpponent total score
9/3Sacramento State (I-AA)41 3 413
9/10@Washington5617 9720
9/17Illinois3520 13240
9/23@New Mexico State4113 17353
10/1Arizona280 20153
10/8@UCLA4047 241100
10/15Oregon State2023 261123
10/22Washington State4238303161
11/19108th Big Game @Stanford
Cal Wins6Cal Total Score303
Cal Losses2Opp. Total Score161
Cal Avg Pts/game37.875Opp. Avg Pts/game20.125

It's been a hard few weeks to be a Cal fan. After the Arizona shutout, we lost two close games to UCLA and OSU, and nearly had a third loss handed to us tonight by Wazoo. But Cal managed to hold it together, come up with a couple big touchdowns, and turn a loss into a win.

Now it's bye week, where maybe we can rest and heal starters, and then it's @Oregon, against USC, and @Stanford for the 108th Big Game. Speaking of Big Game, my ticket showed up in the mail today.

Reasonably, I think we can take two of the three, but one of the three wouldn't surprise me, Oregon is good despite losing their starting QB today, and Stanford will be up for Big Game and they had a surprising victory over ASU today, and USC is, well, #1 USC. One of three (7-4) is good, two of three (8-3) would be great, and I'd be estatic if we go three of three (9-2). Of course, an ofer (0-3, for a season total of 6-5) isn't out of the question, but hey! It's still a winning season, and that's *four* in a row for Cal. I never thought I'd see this. :)

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