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yet more Nano.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,364 / 50,000

Another day, another ~4k. I'm approaching a crucial scene, though, and i have to explain how a character is in a position to push another character away from the original goal, and why he does so, and yeah. I think I'm about to have a character die, though, which just makes the story more interesting. Besides, you have to kill people in your Nano novel, it's one of the rules, I think. Or at least, that's the way folks made it sound at the write-in tonight. ;)

Anyway, I posted about half of today's writing in katsterwrites and I'm about to post the other half now, but I figured I'd update the word count first.

G'night, LJ world. Gonna try to get up before noon tomorrow and get some more writing done before I go vote.
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