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a bookworm is me. dawns on me I ought to try to catalog the books I've voraciously devoured from the Sac Public Library folks. So here's an incomplete list.

Left Behind: The Kids books 1-40 inclusive (gah, the horror)
Apocalypse Dawn, Apocalypse Crucible, Apocalypse Burning (which, while Rapturefic, aren't actually that bad)
Wizards at War, the latest Young Wizards book (I love that series)
Perfect Soldiers, on the 9/11 hijackers (not bad)
Fire: A Brief History
City of Dreams
Shadow of the Giant
Old Man's War (Scalzi rocks)
Death on the Fourth of July (courtesy of the Jefferson County Public Library, Lakewood, Colorado)
Drive to the East
Days of Infamy
What the Dormouse Said
Whatever Happened to Janie?
The Voice on the Radio
What Janie Found (the last three are part of a series I enjoyed in junior high)

...I think that's all of them. I'd have to think about it a bit more to be sure.

I should have been writing them down before i returned them to the library. :)

[As a side note, can anybody take and resize to the proper dimensions to be an LJ icon? The tools I'd normally use don't play nice with anigifs. Thanks.]

[Edit: my thanks to haruchi who managed to do it. The icon is now on this post.]

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