the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

oh the things you can do with a ti-92+

cool, i can make LJ enteries from math class. it's not perfect, i'm typing on the keyboard of a TI-92+, so my spelling and grammar may be a bit atrocious. but yeah, my calculator has a text editor, and i can later upload to a computer, so...

anyway, we just got math tests back. ther were six perfects and overall 19 A's out of twenty-six people that took the test. i was one of the seven that didn't. And i think it's because i completely misunderstood a question, and thus got no points on it. and five points is killer when the test is only 55 points.

not only is that five points killer, but when the next question relies on information from that question, so i completely blow that question, and only get two points out of five. so yeah. i only missed eight points, all based on a fscking misunderstanding...

so, i got an 85. it's not bad,but again, it's disappointing with a test that i knew mostly what i was doing.

it's been a dissapointing week. Monday was breakdown day, Tu was assembler test (which i didn't do all that well on either), Weds was math test and program due (hopefully i do well on that)and thurs was thurs. and then today, i a) blow an assigment in powerpoint because i misread "outline" as "handout" and then of course the story i just related to you.

in the immortal words of Zibby, "now that nothing can get any better..."

addendum from psych class:

oh, yay, now the assignment is due mon in psych class. good thing i'd planned this weekend to talk about it with zibby and maybe ari, so...not a total big deal. but i also have psych test on friday, and psych presentation on the 15. whee.

funny that we're talking about stress right now.

nyeah. bored too. thank god this class is my last on Fri.

another addendum, as i'm about to upload

broke down completely right after psych class. was asking about the test, and after that, something frustrating set me off big time, and i just started crying like you wouldn't believe. that's how bad this is.

now to see if this works...

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