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A journey of a thousand miles begins with that first fateful step.

Networking is good. I'm streaming mp3s from my desktop to my laptop, which is pretty damned cool.

Two days in a row I've made the trip around the block with Britney. Today, she flushed a kitty out from the bushes at the park. As for me, it's a short walk, only about twenty minutes, but starting small and working up is good. Plus, my neighborhood is good for getting longer and longer walks in. (right now, I leave my house, walk down Groveland, walk up to Black Eagle, down Silver Top, to Esterbrook, back to Groveland and to my house again. When I'm ready to go a bit longer, I can either walk the other way on Groveland, which also eventually comes out on Black Eagle, and back home from there, or all the way down to the far end of Esterbrook/Black Eagle and back. And then there's also the path through the park. As I said, I'm working my way up.

Tomorrow's going to suck with the rain, but I'm going to do it again. It actually feels somewhat good.

As for the job, got paperwork I need to finish. But I got enrolled in classes, and while I have to run to Roseville for my proof of being on SSI to get my BOGG cleared, and it's a start.

That's all I've got to keep in mind, small steps accomplish big things if you keep stepping.

Anyway, tomorrow, I gotta go to Redding (blah), so I'd better get to bed. Sleep is good.

And maybe, if I get a moment, I'll get the economist out of my head. I *had* inspiration, and was ready to write ... and Jill drug me off to the store. It sucks. :P

Oh well, we'll get more done soon enough.

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