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A few things:

First, I have been working on a web page for my advanced web design class, and it's coming together pretty well. You can see it here if you're curious, and while the lorem ipsum will be replaced with a biography of me, and that it doesn't look as good as I'd like in IE (stupid IE), it looks nearly spot on to what I wanted in Mozilla, which makes me pretty happy. It was funny, though, because macklinr put me on the right path this evening, but I didn't quite figure it out until he stumbled off the moo. I really need to catch up with him and buy him a beer or something, though. :)

Other than that, I have so much to do and so little time, so here's a list to keep my mind on track of the stuff I need to do.

  • Clean up and print Accounting homework ch 2 9-12, stick in binder
  • Do Accounting ch2 1,2,8
  • Finish the damned Rehab paperwork already.
  • write biography for web page
  • set webpage free
  • write biography for creative writing class (due Th)
  • do creative writing exercises when book arrives
  • buy other book for creative writing
  • take syllabus test for web design
  • do first homework assignment for web design when book arrives (hopefully W)
  • read Mac OSX book when it arrives (hopefully W), finish filling out take-home quiz
  • get binders organized before Th
  • try to think up more ideas for poems than just levees and rivers
  • go to career center on campus, see if they can help me with the job thing
  • register with campus DSP
  • go to doc's appointment on Wednesday
  • keep up with dishes
  • finish cleaning my damned room once and for all

whew, I think that's it.

But bed first.
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