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"It sort of reconfigured my house"

So my Uncle Nathan made the front page of the Medford, OR paper.


A tree fell on his house.

Luckily, he was the only one home, and he was sleeping in a bedroom away from the falling tree, so he's fine, and some of the article conveys his sense of humor.

You can read it under the cut tag, or for the next few days at the Medford Mail Tribune

Uncle Nate's house

Out on a limb

Rogue Valley man gets a 4:30 a.m. wake-up call when a poplar falls on his home

Mail Tribune

When Nathan Swift heard a sharp cracking over the rush of the wind at about 4:30 Saturday morning, he dashed to the front door of his Rossanley Drive home.

Braced in the doorway, he watched as an ancient poplar crashed toward his house.

"That’s guaranteed to wake you up," he said.

The massive tree’s trunk snapped about 25 feet from the ground and sent the bulk of the old tree smashing into Swift’s attic.

"It sort of reconfigured my house," Swift said.

The attic of the 1½ -story Craftsman-style home contains three bedrooms and a bathroom, he said.</p>

The tree trunk "completely obliterated" the front bedroom, smashing through the room and bringing the ceiling of the living and dining rooms below to within inches of the floor. About a third of the home’s roof was knocked down. Other upstairs bedrooms had limited damage and the bathroom on that level was completely undamaged, he said.

He pulled furniture and a rug from the living room to prevent water damage as the weekend rains washed in where the roof used to be.Wallboard in the front entry hall was soaked through and collapsed.

By Monday, crews from Medford’s Beaver Tree Service were removing the shattered trunk and broken branches in anticipation of visits by insurance adjusters and a restoration company.

Swift didn’t yet have an estimate on the cost of the damage. He plans to stay in the home, now wrapped with tarps, while repair work is being done.

Swift said he’s slowly refurbished the aged house and overgrown grounds where he’s lived for about seven years. He hadn’t gotten around to major projects on the now heavily damaged upstairs bedroom or on the large trees.

"I saw it from the road and just fell in love with this place," he said. "It was in a dumpy condition and the yard was overgrown, but the basic house itself was beautiful."

Records on the property go back to 1894 and Swift thinks the house was built soon after the lot was first sold. The four — make that three now— big poplars in the yard likely date from not long after, he guessed.

The National Weather Service office at the Medford airport reported sustained winds of about 25 mph and gusts of up to 40 mph Saturday morning when Swift’s tree fell.

Forecaster Mike O’Brien noted that winds, especially the south winds experienced that morning, can be highly variable around the valley,with some areas getting much greater gusts and others not feeling much breeze at all.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said winds had toppled a few trees elsewhere around the county. Several trees lost their grip in water-saturated soils along Lampman Road near Gold Hill, but no damage to buildings was reported, he said.

Reach reporter Anita Burke at 776-4485, or e-mail


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