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Today's score...

I did a bit of snarfing today, since I got a shiny new logbook in the mail. This is the logbook open to a couple of today's snarfs (and my outrageously poor handwriting -- it's a good thing I've gotten fairly adept at deciphering my own handwriting)

I still have to get this up onto Markeroni, but I discovered the marker for California State Registered Historical Landmark #967, the California Almond Growers Exchange, here in Sacramento, is beyond the security perimeter of the Blue Diamond Almond Factory at the same location.

So I talked to the security guards, and they said, "Normally, we like guests to the property to be escorted, but since you're just getting a picture of the plaque, and it's right there, go ahead." And they handed me the visitor's pass now attached in my logbook.

And that's the most interesting thing that's happened to me today. And now I have a cool place to put the visitor's pass I had to have to go see a historical marker. The logbook *rules*.
Tags: historical, markeroni, snarfing
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