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yet another vacillation


I couldn't sleep, so Zibby and ari spent the time restoring my sanity (or what's left of it, anyway.) And here's what I've decided. I'm gonna be absent all my IRC channels. I'm gonna be on jm2 sporadically at best, as well as IM. I'll still be reading and posting to LJ, and I'll be answering my email. I'll also attend game nights, so if somebody could inform Will to email me when the next game is, I'd appreciate it. Or I'll mail him. I know he doesn't read LJ.

It's just dawned on me that maybe I need an extended break. Tonight broke my spirit and my faith in the channel in a way I can't begin to describe, and to avoid becoming like Blue, I think I need the extended absence. Shad's gonna keep an eye on the place, nice to him. The channel's always hard on its admins, I don't know why...but it is.

Besides, I don't write about everything that takes place in my life in this journal, and here's something I forgot to mention. We took a stress test in psych class on Friday. If your score is at 300 on the test, you've got an 80% chance of coming down with some major illness. My score was 679, and there was some definite stressful situations I missed.

So, we're gonna try again. if all goes well, I'll be back in two weeks. If all doesn't go well, it could be november before you see me again. Who knows?

--that screwed up katster.

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