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Pseudoprofanity and other randomness...

Assember class.

We're all sitting there trying to write psuedocode and talking about the events of last month and this weekend. I mentioned that one design of New-WTC that's been floating around on the net, and Amber said that she didn't get it. So I made the gesture at her to give her the idea. And she laughed, suddenly getting it.

Then Carl, her fiancee, was drawing it on the board for Bob, and then turned to Amber and wrote "FUC... YOU" underneath it. Then he looked at it and said, "Pseduoprofanity." %)


got a 96.8/100 on the test in Assembler. It would have been better if I'd had a clue how an ascii interpretation gets turned into an array. Stupid book. Need more code to figure out assembler! But still, the a continues, despite everything. If the test had stood (and he'd not allowed us to redo the code), i'd have gotten an 84. Not bad, I could have done better, but it's okay. I learned a lesson too. Acing the first half helped.

so that puts me at 166.8/175. A nice big 95%. Now if I can keep it up. And prolly paying attention in class would help.

Now off to Ex'hell class in a bit, hopefully she'll like the pretty charts.


Oops, forgot something. I've been a fairly regular reader of RISKS since spring semester of my senior year (thanks bh!). And I came across this funny thing:

Sincerely yours, *Not* Osama bin Laden?

A Filipino in Belgium ended up in jail after *receiving* a joke e-mail
seemingly from Osama bin Laden (but apparently from one of his friends),
asking to "stay with you for a couple of days." The man was freed only
after a Catholic priest vouched for him as a regular attendee each Sunday.

oops. That's all I have to say about that.

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