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accounting theory and yet more beta testing...

This is a spreadsheet of all my accounting grades so far...

Exam 1 100 100 100%
Homework Ch2&3 15 15 100%
Exam 2 100 100 100%
Homework Ch4&5 15 15 100%
Exam 3 100 100 100%
Homework Ch6-9 15 15 100%
Exam 4 100 0%
Homework Ch10-15 15 15 100%
Article Summaries 40 40 100%
Louie's Limo 0
FINAL 400 500 80%

...I only need a 50% on the final to get an A in the class. And I'm pretty sure I at least passed it. (I don't think I got a perfect on this one, but all I need are 50 points...

So yeah, that feels good.

Plus, project is done, no thanks to my so-called partner, and I'm going to submit it this evening. But first, I'd like to ask anybody who'd like to beta the site in its complete form to do so and let me know if you find any errors. The site is, again,

Thanks. :)

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