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live from math class -- october 8th, 2001

welp, here i am in math class again, updating my lj through the text editor on the calculator. i should really pay better attention in math, but...

my teacher is wearing a bright orange dress today. it's hard to ignore. :)

everybody is running around today with that weird faraway look in there eyes. there's a lot of people scowling for what seems to be no reason at all. it's a little unnerving.

and i think, whether you're a peacenik or a warmonger, or somewhere in between, that yesterday hurt! we'd just begun scarring over at the wound that was WTC, and retaliation for that act is literally pulling the scab off the healing wound. and coupled with bin Laden's's definitely a scary time to be an american.

[note: this journal entry did *NOT* stop me from falling asleep in math...]
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