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the one and only truly amazing katster

info dump, or so much to do and so little time.

[Crossposted both here and to my MySpace blog]

Hollowman's cpu fan is replaced, and it's now back to its main purpose these days -- serving as my fileshare and ripping mp3s. At some point, if I can catch a breather, blowing out the case and reinstalling linux on Prufrock is high on the priority list, as is getting my webpage redone. I'm thinking of taking advantage of movable type's free for one user unlimited blogs to do that, although installing another instance of wordpress and using its page feature is pretty attractive too. Or who knows, maybe the solution is not either. I don't know quite yet where I'd want to go with a redesign, just that I haven't done one since before graduate school, and it's desperately in need of an update.

I am also trying to think up a character for siliconshaman's mobius_walls game, but so far, the character is being somewhat reticent in telling me anything other than his name, which seems to be Sheridan Hawthorne Taylor, of the Clan of Scholars. I'm thinking he's an explorer type, but as I said, he's being awfully silent, which leads me to believe he's a bit of a passive one, content to watch but not participate. Go figure. Also, have an image in my head based loosely on the game, but it precludes a disaster much much worse than the one we're facing in regards to global warming for it to happen. But I want to write it out. If I could only find the time. (I also owe writing to leto_bucher and mrfnord as well as trying to finally get the Nano novel finished, but again, it's a matter of finding me, time, and creativity all in the same room. See below.)

In the last little bit, I've been cooking dinner, except on nights when we BBQ, because Dad likes playing with the grill. Except I have to do everything else, so it's somewhat a pain. But I'm actually enjoying having my evenings free -- well, on nights when I don't have to prepare something for the next day. OTOH, tomorrow looks to be relatively easy since I've spent the last couple hours making a potato salad. Yay me.

And luns was in Sactown last week, and he seemed to like it, and nobody's keeled over from my cooking yet, so that's a good sign.

Also, when luns was in town, I gave him his graduation present -- a green laser pointer. It came all the way from Beijing, which sorta surprised our poor postman, who was delivering it. I want to get myself one too, but that will have to wait until I have more money.

Speaking of graduations, in two weeks, jillcaligirl graduates. And since UCD hasn't become enlightened in much the same way as UCB L&S, they have big gigantic huge graduations that take hours and hours. And she can only have six people come to the actual graduation, because it's so jammed with students. So we're having a party, which means I have to devote another week of my life to cleaning up this house again for that. Plus, Jill will have finals, so she can't help. Yep, it'll pretty much suck to be me.

And the week after that is my high school reunion, which scares me to death. But more on that later.

Mood? Well, I've been trying not to think about it, but I think I'm running in a slightly depressed phase and I'm not sure why. I think it might be possible there's too much fracturing my attention around this place. I need to get a job because I'm tired of living in a bedroom in my parent's house, but it really does feel like every day slips by before I can get my hands on it. So much to do and so little time.

I think I'd feel better if I knew Mom had ways of getting places that aren't just me. But I'll deal.

Anyway, yeah. I'm just feeling somewhat isolated -- the friends I would hang with are in Denver and Halifax and Portland and New York and Boston and San Jose instead of in the Sacred Tomato, and I don't really have much of anywhere to go in this town. I'm sure there's places, but I don't feel like I can leave -- plus with my car out of commission and being so fucking far from the mass transit, I'm sorta stuck. (Also, gas prices are the ouch.)

Yeah, I think that's most of it. If you managed to read this, you're a good soul. Or something. And lemme know you're out there. I live for the comment, y'know. ;)
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