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The short of it:

I wish zibblsnrt had been able to make it. But he's trying desperately to throw together work he gets paid for, and the poor boy would have been miserable (it topped out at 113F/45C today in Redding), so maybe in the long run it was better he didn't come. (Not an excuse, but a thought.)

I had a decent time. There were a few times I was wandering aimlessly, and the DJ thought that people might dance if he cranked the music higher. Dude. It's a reunion. People are trying to catch up with one another. Keep the music down. (I can't stand being in a room where I can't hear the person next to me talking because the DJ has it cranked to eleven.)

There were a few friends I would have loved to see that didn't show up. But for the most part it was nice to see what folks were up to, and I didn't feel as stupid for not having a job yet because I was able to explain that Mom's been sick. Not only is it my mom, but a lot of my high school classmates knew her because my mom was a substitute teacher at my high school when I went there.

Plus there was a nice bit of satisfaction watching people watch the video that R., J., and I spent all night one night right after graduation desperately attempting to assemble. And people were watching that so intently, it made me feel as if I had managed to accomplish one thing. (Not only was I on the editing team, but I also filmed a lot of footage for that thing. I wasn't the only one filming, obviously, but it was one of the things people remember about me -- there's even an old slide taken at a rally, with me in the background hoisting a video camera.)

I was so nervous. I was scared to death to enter that room. And then, luckily, one of the people I'd most wanted to see at this reunion shindig thing walked up to the table. So it helped me feel a bit better. But one thing I noticed that was brought back to me with this is how much I've become an introvert over the last ten years. But that's okay.

And E. and I made a plan that we'll be rich and famous at our next reunion. Ten years. I'd better get cracking. ;)

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