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I'm a diehard baseball fan. The only sport that catches my attention more than baseball is college football, which isn't surprising to those of you who follow my journal.

Anyway, we moved to Sacramento. Sacramento is home to the the AAA team of the Oakland A's (it would be better if it were the Giants, but the A's are okay, and hey! Baseball!) and I like baseball, so I've been wanting to go to a game. And while going to a game would not be that bad, it'd be nice to wear something to show support for the local team. So when had a sale on minor league appearal back at the beginning of June, I figured that now would be a good time to pick up a Rivercats hat for wearing to the ballpark.

Except that my size was backordered. Oh well. You know, I can wait a few weeks to get the cap, and I got it on sale, so I can wait a couple weeks patiently...except that a couple weeks turned into 4-6 weeks, and today is the end of the sixth week, and the cap is still on backorder. To make things even more frustrating: nobody knows when the cap is coming off backorder. To add insult to injury, if I wanted to pay full price instead of the sale price I got, I can order the damned cap off the website right now. (Or not. I guess it's backordered after all, they just don't show you that until you put the cap in your cart.)

Screw this. I just called the ballpark, and they have the cap in my size, so I'll just go to a game and pick up a cap there. And cancel my order online. It'll work out about the same, since at the ballpark, I don't have to pay shipping.

But grr, though. Grr.

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