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1. Copy and paste your LJ Friends List into an update and leave behind an LJ Cut.

2.If you've met them in person or otherwise know them from the offlineworld, bold their screenname. If you've only talked to them on thephone, italicize their name. If you've only talked to them online,leave their name alone. If you have someone on your Friends List whohas multiple LJ's, only use one and get rid of the rest from the list.

64tbird, _ers_, _mjp_, aiobheil, amberlee17, anahata56, anisoptera, ankhenet, archangelbeth, ardweden, aris_tgd, arkini, asphalteden, barbarakitten_t, bassbone, baxil, beandelphiki, beki, bfly, bioillogical, bmbeaver, brian1789, buran, capfox, captainfate, chamelaeon, chaoswolf, cjdoyle, cobaltgreen, coldfury, colinwalker, crossfire_, cubesebuc, cyohtee, dafydd, damienps, damienroc, dandelion_diva, darthgeek, dduane, delfina, dewhitton, deyo, dizzdvl, djenk, dmlaenker, dmmaus, dragfyre, drdamocles, duskcat, dwhagar, edg, eleri, evilbenfranklin, explorer_alpha, fadethecat, fairoriana, fb, fearghaill, femakita, feralscot, filkertom, flaim, flower_cat, forest, freyjaw, galith, gandalfgreyhame, gdmusumeci, gemling, gh4acws, glinda_w, gmonsquared, grendies, gridlore, griffen, grumpy_sysadmin, grynz, gunhed, hackard, happymomof2, haruchai, head_in_clouds, hitchhiker, hobbitblue, honeybear21, hopeforyou, i, iamjw, idiotwind, impatom, inflection, jaeai, jakestone, jcatquince, je_suis_le_jen, jennkitty, jenny_junipurr, jesselman, jhetley, jhghendriks, jillcaligirl, joedecker, johnbot, johnpalmer, joii, joshbrown, jrenken, jtwilson, jwmo, kahnman, kamalloy, kaosfury, karenbynight, katbrows, kateireland, katmoonshaker, katster, kightp, killjoy_, kowh, koyote, kphoebe, kshandra, kurtoons, ladycalliope, laechim, lemurbaby, leto_bucher, lirazel, littledevi, livingcrystal, lizardling, lonita, loopychew, luns, macklinr, macrae, mactavish, madforry, magister, malakim, maruchan, mauvelous, mdlbear, meglimir, miggy, mikz, millenia, mindme, moosical, mrfnord, murphymom, mythchan, n_1_n, nadya_lev, nathelmi, nekoneko, netdancer, neverupdated, nickm, nvdaydreamer, odanu, opals, pbrim, pernishus, petfish, phenyx, pjammer, primis, prophet_marcus, puppeteer, ravan, rbos, rdmgryphon, reddmoon, rickvs, rikhei, rosefox, roserock, sailorjim, salinn, sammy_grrrl, sammyd, scattymatty, seanyoda, seraphmoon, serendipity, shadesong, shadur, shandrew, shannonwest, siliconshaman, sinboy, sista_meow, sliderdf, smcwhort, somebodies, spitgirl, squaresnow, stevenehrbar, sukionmars, super_star_girl, sweetmadness, tanesmuti, tangaroa, technoshaman, the_juju, thelovebug, themindseye, therealocelot, tnh, tolyn, tropism, true_crime, tsjafo, twoflower, usekh, vacheestfachee, valliegirl, wcg, webulous, whitestar2, whteknght, whytraven, wind_wraith, wintersweet, wiredferret, wjhansen, worldmage, ziactrice, zibblsnrt, zorbathut

Between a third and a half. Goddamn, that's pretty impressive. And there was only one unsure I've met and one unsure I've talked to. (The first would be je_suis_le_jen, whom I know is my good friend dwhagar's wife, but I'm not sure I've ever met her. The second would be gandalfgreyhame, whom I can't remember if I spoke to him when I called kuangning once.)

Tops are Callahanians and folks from #spork, although there's a scattering of old high school (dwhagar, haruchai and happymomof2) and college (luns, spitgirl, duskcat, and neverupdated, along with, technically, seanyoda -- the latter I met while in college, but he wasn't in college at that point.)

Tops on this list to meet? Hmm. griffen and worldmage, pernishus, silicon_shaman, fb, and kightp all jump out at me right away (besides those folks whom I've marked as called, but never spoke to), but eventually, it would be an honor to meet everybody on my friends list. :)

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