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random music meme

Soundtracks of your Life meme (as seen a while back in twoflower's journal. This ought to be interesting, going up against the mp3 collection that even I'm not sure exactly what's in it.

1. open your music player (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
2. put it on shuffle.
3. press play.
4. for every question type the song that's playing.
5. when you go to a new question press the next button.
6. some songs fit perfectly,

OPENING CREDITS: Peter Gabriel, "Solsbury Hill"
...Wait a second, I thought this was my theme, not Katze's...

WAKING UP: Ivan Skobtsov and the Sextet of Domras, "Proshchai Radost (Farewell to Happiness)"
...It's slow enough for waking up music, although I don't normally wake up to Russian singing. That said, waking up usually is a farewell to happiness...

FALLING IN LOVE: The Rankins "Parlour Medley"
...ummmmmm. Yes, they hail from the same province as zibblsnrt, but this doesn't fit at *all*. Well, it could work, but it's a lot faster than I would have expected in the's a medley, though, so it might work, but let's put it in the "eh?" category for the moment.

FIGHT SCENE: Randy Newman, "McQueen's Lost" of the instrumentals from Cars, but ... not the right one. It could work, depending on the circumstances of the fight, though.

BREAKING UP: Jose Gonzales, "Deadweight on Velveteen"
...I think the mp3 player finally got one right. On second glance, the lyrics don't quite fit. Or maybe they do.

GETTING BACK TOGETHER: John Williams, "Raiders of the Lost Ark Theme"
...err, I think my mp3 player has a perverse sense of humor.

SECRET LOVE: Guy Clark, "Red River"
...Uh, mp3 player? I kindly remind you that I'm a Californian, not a Texan. (Although I got Okies in my family lineage...)

LIFE'S OKAY: Jim Croche, "I Got A Name"
...This song always makes me smile. It's a very good "Life is Okay" song.

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Fall Out Boy, "Where is Your Boy Tonight?"
...uh. Happy and manic and not entirely appropriate.

HAPPY DANCE: John Denver, "Take Me Home Country Mountains"
...uh. It's a happy song, but not the right one. I'm from CALIFORNIA, you dumb mp3 player, not Texas, not Oklahoma, and sure as hell not West Virginia!

REGRETTING: Michael W. Smith, "Do You Dream of Me?"
...ah. Somewhat. Not so much on the Christian themes that MWS is so fond of, is kinda a regretting song. Sorta.

LONG NIGHT ALONE: John Williams, "Aunt Marge's Waltz"
...from the third Harry Potter movie, it could work, but...not really. There are better songs from this *soundtrack*

THE NEXT MORNING: Southern Scratch, "Cuatro Vidas Polka"
...oooohkay. Not quite.

FINAL BATTLE: Captain Tractor, "Through the Forest"
...alright, I give up. Whatever the last two categories are, they will be *completely* wrong for the themes.

DEATH SCENE: Capitol Steps, "Brand New Candidates (2004 Edition)"

END CREDITS: Tom Lehrer, "Hunting Song"
...well, this fits with my sense of humor. And it just shows how *wrong* I was to put this meme up to my mp3 collection.

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