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math/microsoft class update.

first of all, my math teacher is wearing a dress that is a bit more sedate in colour. (Hi, Zibby!) it's a dark green, with interesting frilly designs.

okay, whoa i actually paid attention in math class. now, i'm in microsoft clas. we're busy highlighting in our books as Lou lectures to us. it's not exactly rocket science. the good thing about this class is that there's only one test to determine your grade. the bad thing? you guessed it.

i'm bored again, as seems to be usual in my classes. i wish i could goof off on the net in this class. right now, it's everything about win2k server that you didn't want to know. whee.

i know entirly too much about NTFS than i really wanted to know. a bit tired. can't wait to get to break in this class, i've been sitting since one, and it's now nearly 2:30. booooored.

yay, we're done with that STUPID chapter, we have a break. and when we come back, we have more chapters to highlight.

this could be a good or bad thing, but it gives me some time to think. the thought going through my head right now is "the war to end war".

those of you who are history buffs might recognize the reference. A lot of Americans during the first world war thought of the war that way. of course, when you're a historian, you've got the benefit of hindsight.

but this "war against terrorism" may not be the same. keep in mind part of the reason WWI wasn't the war to end war is that the Europeans wanted to punish Germany, Wilson didn't push hard enough for his 14 points, and the country turned isolationist.

and of course the ultimate insult was Harding beating Wilson in 1920 on the "return to normalcy" slogan.

now, isolationism is an answer. it's not necessarily the right one, but there is the idea of "stronghold America"that Buchanan popularized. But that would be an America that would destroy itself from the inside. it's not a good answer, but it is an answer. it's what we ended up doing after WWI.

as for doing nothing and just doing what we've been doing? that's a possibility. but of course, keep in mind, with the exception of Clinton's cruise missile strikes on Sudan and Afghanistan in 1998, that's pretty much what we've been doing since the first attack on WTC in 1993. Look what it got us.

[class ended at this point. I'll continue the historical analysis tomorrow, but for right now, I'm just kinda writing random thoughts...if the history's not completely accurate, I've been having to go by memory, any true historical analysis as I was taught involved hundreds of primary sources. ;)]

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