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Road trip!

Okay, I've got a 13hr bus ride ahead of me tomorrow evening, and I want your opinions.

I'll have my laptop, but the battery on it is only good for a couple hours, and that won't kill a lot of time. I'll probably bring a couple books and my Gameboy, but the best way I've found, especially if I plan to sleep at all (and I'm going to need to, it's an overnight bus trip), is to put my headphones on my head and drown out everything around me. So. In this spirit, please give me recommendations for good travel tunes. I'll take all your suggestions (and bonus extra credit if you link them somewhere -- I have a lot of mp3s but not every single one) and try to assemble a mix CD to listen to on this trip.

(Yes. I'm going to Portland on a whim. Yay, adventure!)

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