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A long time ago I did the warmfuzzy thread, because well, we can all use some warmfuzzies. My friendslist was a lot smaller in those days. So I'm going to split this up and try to post one of these a night. I plan to skip those who have duplicate journals which I have friended, and there might be a few others who are skipped, but this is pretty much every person I have friended.

I know most people I have friended either don't read much anymore or don't read me, so they may not see these. Ah well, that's life. And if they ever search for their name, maybe they'll find this.

Anyway, today's warm fuzzies go to the A and B usernames on my list, along with the two Haligonian weirdos that start their nicks with the underscore characters.

_ers_ -- Ah, C, I know we're really not on speaking terms anymore, and I'm sorry things worked out that way. But at your best, you're a wonderful person whom I'm glad I got to know and be friends with once upon a time. Also, I hear you've graduated fairly recently, and let me congratulate you for that.

_mjp_ -- Wow! One of the neatest and most wonderful people I have ever met. Not only do you kick ass in the sciences, but you've always been wonderful at making me feel better in some of my lowest moods, even if that means sending me pictures of your kitties. Thank you, and may we always be friends.

kuangning -- Another person I don't talk to much, but not because of fighting. It's simply because you've found more entertaining pastures than IRC. ;) But I thank you for being daring enough to message me the one day, because your friendship is one thing that's gotten me through hard times and good, and I know that no matter where my journey takes me, someday we'll find ourselves on a porch in a Southern summer, sipping iced tea and shooting the breeze, and that no matter where I go, I can always count on your quiet presence to keep me centered. For that, thank you.

amberlee17 -- Markeroons forever! Not only do I have friends who share some of my weirder habits, but since I met you, you've always been a comforting presence. I thank you for that.

anahata56 -- We don't interact much, but that's okay. I can always count on you to have some new insight that causes my worldview to shift in new and exciting ways, and sometimes that's all we need.

anisoptera -- Quieter than when I friended you, but I like the way you write and well, that's all that matters here, no?

ankhenet -- Husband of one of my bestest friends, and a damned good storyteller in your own right. I enjoyed the few conversations we've had, and I thank you for being a decent guy who has been more than willing to put up with my craziness. And also, thanks for being around when I have crazy esoteric questions on gemstone properties. :)

archangelbeth -- Fellow Pyramidian and also Madame Editor, I hope someday to find my work facing your nefarious red pen. But in the meantime, while I work up the courage to get to that point, I want to thank you for having become, to my surprise, one of the neatest people on LJ, and somebody who always has a kind word and a bit of advice. Someday, I'll make it up there to the wild woods of New England so I can actually shake your hand and thank you in person. :)

ardweden -- Ard, what is there to say? One of the best RFM deejays, and somebody whom I've found, every time I really needed somebody to listen, to be there. Even if I'm only a friend of jrenken and thus on the fringes of the #impro gang. You're on the list of people I want to meet in person too.

aris_tgd -- I've known you for nine and a half years, and I'm proud to consider you one of my closest friends. Besides having the most kickass job of any of my friends, you have often opened your heart and your home to me, and that by itself is more than I can speak of. Besides, if I had to have anybody riding shotgun in my first accident, I'm glad it was you. Wow, so many of my best memories have to do with the time I've spent with you, rock. Just so you know. :)

arkini -- One of whitestar2's Israeli friends, I don't know a lot about you, but you've always had a good word when I needed it, and I hope you fare well with all the mess over there these days.

asphalteden -- Another one of those people I picked up because I loved reading his stuff. I doubt he knows I exist, but he's had some neat perspectives on music, life, and the golden age of science fiction that has kept him on my reading list.

barbarakitten_t -- Wow. Another one of those people with the kickass life story who never seems to let life get you down for long. While I'm only on the fringes of alt.callahans, you're one of those folks I grew to love hearing from any time you posted, and your journal is just more of that. You bring a candle of joy to my life, and for that, I thank you.

bassbone -- One of these days, dude, I'll head down to Hell the Southland and meet you. If I'm lucky, I might also get to see you play. We don't see eye to eye on politics or many other things, but you've been great about not letting that get in the way of our friendship, and for that I want to thank you. I need to show up on #callahans one of these days.

baxil -- Friend of a friend, we met once at Baycon, and I've since friended you since I love the way you write. You're another one of those people who always has an insight that I can use, and I really admire you the guts to go out and chase a dream and to find a way to adjust those dreams when reality doesn't feel like playing nice without making it feel as if you've really lost the dream. You kick ass, and I'm sure you'll be out on the trail again soon enough. :)

beandelphiki -- Wow, another person I've known only on LJ, but another amazing writer. I've been here quietly rooting for your success, because dude, you deserve it. Good luck!

beki -- Another Callahanian, who has been busy lately, but in the past has never failed to let me know that people exist out there and that there's somebody rooting for me. I really have to get up to the Seattle area and meet the large collection of friends I have up there, and yeah, you're high on the list. :)

bfly -- There's a lot of Callahanian folk on my list. Butterfly is somebody I've not had much contact with, but I like reading what she has to say in both the good times and the bad.

bioillogical -- Dude, I've got to get myself up to Halifax again and bug you since I don't think you were around on the first trip. But you're one of those guys who kept zibblsnrt sane through high school and beyond, so I suppose I owe you. Besides, you're a unique talent. :)

bmbeaver -- The mother of one of my very good friends, who was always up for letting her daughter's friends invade, sometimes on very short notice, and never complained about it. Also, we've had several interesting conversations ourselves, so now I say thank you for those as well as raising one amazing kid. :)

brian1789 -- A guy who's always doing amazing things with his job (yay for Mars people), but hasn't been afraid of confronting his own life and his weaknesses, and by doing so, making himself a wonderfully great person. One of these days, I'll actually say hi or something and give my LJ name so you know who I am. But I just want you to know you're a pretty amazing guy, and I admire you. You're one of those people who I think of as I have to confront my own life. Thank you.

buran -- Last of the B's, and a person who has made both interesting and insightful comments, sometimes when I've most needed them. I first met you when evilbenfranklin was introducing the Jihad crowd to his girlfriend, but since then I've gotten to know you in your own right, and I think you're a wonderful person. Also, I like your photography and would like to see more. :)

Tomorrow, the crazy C's and daffy D's. (And maybe the exciting E's, since there's only five of them, but we'll see what the list looks like when I get the C's and D's done.)
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