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coffee and donuts and...err, eggplant?

Another night. Let us begin.

capfox -- Another #impro person. (If nothing else, this project will give some idea of where people on my friendslist came from.) I don't know capfox very well, but I started reading him when he was posting interesting dispatches from Japan, and although he's sporadic on his updating, I find what he has to say very nifty.

captainfate -- Haligonian, the one known on IRC as Thorin, who was likewise one very cool dude when I met him Halifax years ago. Doesn't update much, but anybody who's on zibblsnrt's good list fits on mine as well. :)

chamelaeon -- #improer. The singular best RFM dj we've got, and always up to scary plots with jrenken, but I respect Cham (don't pronounce the h, remember) because he always brings his points to the table, even if sometimes they're delivered in his caustic humor stylings. Also, besides being the best RFM dj, he's got excellent taste in music. And when I've really needed an ear, Cham's been there. This is another dude I want to meet before it's all over. Even if it means going to Omaha to do it. :)

chaoswolf -- Yo! Chaos! A Callahanian, whom I met at the Bay Area Callahanicon last year and who has become a good friend, to my surprise and delight. Chaos has always been happy to see me, which is one of those things that makes me smile, and somehow, she's decided that I'm also a good person to listen to for advice. And anybody who takes my blatherings seriously makes me smile. Also, Chaos is a good writer, and damn, you ought to hear of some of her con volunteering exploits. An all around wonderful person whom I'm glad I met. :)

cjdoyle -- I think he's on the fringes of the Callahans folk, but most people know CJ for his most excellent work with the Lego Mini-mizer. And while that's cool and all, it's the comic that he put together with the advent kit last Christmas that really comes to mind, telling a story with whatever Lego pieces happened to come out of the box. It showed off his clever sense of humor as well as his Lego passion, and he has me tempted to go explore that plastic bucket stuck safely out of the way in my closet. Also, he's a damned good writer, and not a half-bad photographer. And he's also a romantic. A wonderful guy, basically. :)

cobaltgreen -- Here's somebody I never would have come across on LJ except for that, well, there was a hurricane. It had my name on it. And it went straight for New Orleans, where cobaltgreen lived. I added him to my friendslist because I liked the way that he wrote, and he was telling interesting stories about the New Orleans that was and the one that is. Also, he's put together a documentary on the hurricane which I have misplaced the disc and thus haven't gotten around to watching, but I'm sure it kicks ass. Because cobaltgreen is just that cool. Recently, he's gotten a job reporting the news in Lafayette, LA, and I've watched some of the stories he's done -- and again, it doesn't surprise me that they kick ass. Wow. An amazing dude.

coldfury -- Another #improer. For being somebody that hung out on the fringes of that group, I sure have a lot of them on my friendslist. And while I haven't gotten to know Fury very well, he strikes me as the sort of guy who would be a lot of fun to hang out with in real life, and I hope to get the chance some day. Also, he likes Dan Hibiki, and how can you not like somebody who likes Dan?

colinwalker -- A Callahanian, who hasn't updated much lately, but back in the day on #c, I always liked some of his interesting insights and the tales he had to tell.

crossfire -- Another Callahanian. In the past, crossfire's offered me tips on cooking, and he also knows a lot about UI design and computing, and all of that by itself is enough to read his journal. But he also is a wonderful guy, and I love hearing stories about what he and his partner get up to. In general, just a wonderful human being. Plus, he's offered me good advice in the past.

cubesebuc -- Dan is a guy I knew in college who was willing to deal with me hanging around the CSUA and was willing to share some of the knowledge he's picked up over the years. I friended him on a whim, since he doesn't update his LJ much, but I'm glad to see that he's still out there using his knowledge to make the computing world a better place. Plus, you have to like a guy who figured out how to hack an ASUC election. :)

cyohtee -- Former Jihaddi, the thing I most remember about Cyoh is the one night in which he let a sobbing college girl speak to him for hours on end until she felt better. That was in the middle of the Semester from Hell (original), and the memory of it has stuck with me through this day. Plus, it's not fair that Katze's gotten to meet his Jihad analogue and I've never made it to Chitown to make reality match fiction.

dafydd -- Dafy's a Callahanian, and one of the neatest guys I know. He's a volunteer firefighter, which gives him massive props in my book to begin with, and I remember the day him and GDM let me go on a hike across San Francisco with them. We didn't make it because I was kinda in worse shape than the two of them, but it was one of those experiences that I will never forget, and I thank him for that.

damienps -- Another Callahanian, part of the folks that live on the bottom of the globe and like it. I've not gotten the chance to meet him in person, but the interactions we've had on LJ make me think he's a swell guy whom I'd love to meet. Plus, he likes cats, which is always a plus in my book.

damienroc -- Another #impro person. Yay, DR! DR is the guy to go to if you want help with box office trivia, and he dealt with tanesmuti calling him the squirrel, which gives him a point in my book for having a sense of humor about the whole matter. The thing I remember most about DR, though, is the day we walked through Golden Gate Park, talking about everything and nothing at all, and having a good time. I hope to catch up with you again at some point when you get to SF again, y'know?

dandelion_diva -- Another Callahanian, who has one of the most wonderful kids I know, and is a great person in their own right. Gesi's heart is big, and she is not afraid to share a lot of things with the LJ world. Plus, sometimes she's had wonderful advice for me, and that, by itself, is a kickass sort of thing. Also, she likes Numb3rs, which despite the trendy l33tsp33k name, is one heck of a good show, and I approve of her taste. :)

darthgeek -- Another Callahanian. Also dandelion_diva's husband. I haven't gotten to know him very well, but as I just said, I approve of the way they're raising their kid, and you can't go wrong with a fellow geek. :)

dduane -- One of my favorite authors, ever since somebody pointed me at her Young Wizard series. (BTW, if your kid is looking for a series to read while waiting for HP7, the Young Wizard series is high on my list.) I've given her books to friends, and I'm proud to say that I'm among the sponsors of the Big Meow project, and I'm happy to do it because I like supporting a damned good author. BTW, the Young Wizard series is one I plan to introduce my kids to, which is pretty high praise in my book. Check her stuff out if you haven't. :)

delfina -- Another #improer, whom I've not gotten to know very well, but I hear she's getting married, and I want to wish her the best with that.

dewhitton -- Batty! Another Callahanian, but this guy goes out and rescues bats in his spare time (along with an assortment of birds and other wildlife that Australia has), and that by itself is enough to make me give him the thumbs up. But not only that, I love to read of the tales he writes about his dogs, and he's got a pretty neat webcomic that he renders called Bugs. He's an all-around amazing bloke, and I love catching up on whatever adventures he's been up to.

deyo -- A Callahanian (or at least on the fringes of it), mactavish's (newly-minted) husband, and as I once found out, a former Jihaddi. Deyo gets thumbs up in my book for baking a mean oatmeal cookie (and not being afraid to bake cookies in the first place), a lover of dogs, and the sort of guy who takes being drawn as one of the main characters in a webcomic by his best friend all in stride. I love his sense of humor. And anybody who takes a sword to cut a piece of his wedding cake in half for him and his wife kicks ass all the way around. Yay!

dizzdvl -- Another Callahanian. I've not seen much from her lately, but I remember that she always had a smile for me back in the days when I showed up on #c regularly. And that made my day back then.

djenk -- Former Jihaddi whom I lost touch with, and then rediscovered in Callahanian circles, djenk has always been one of those people who made me smile whenever I saw him. He's a busy man these days, and I don't hear from him much, but he has a way of popping up and brightening my day just when I most need it. And that's something I can't ever thank him enough for.

dmlaenker -- A guy I met on IRC in one of the jihad channels, I don't always agree with Laenker, but I respect his opinion, and he always has a way of making me think about what he has to say. Other than that, I don't know him well enough to say much either way, but it's neat getting a picture of Virginia politics from somebody living there, especially now that Allen's gone and stuck his foot in his mouth.

dmmaus -- Callahanian, Pyramidian, author of a couple of GURPS books (including being the co-author of the soon to be released GURPS Bio-Tech. He's also the author of one of my favorite webcomics ever, Irregular Webcomic, and so once I shipped a couple boxes of legos to Australia just to support his wonderful webcomicsness. (BTW, that's not a word, but should be, dammit.) Besides all that, DMM usually always has interesting things to say and in real life is one of those evil scientists that is corrupting the world or something. ;) The short of it is that DMM is an awesome person who I'm very glad I've gotten the chance to meet, even if it's only in a virtual world.

dragfyre -- Dan! Dan! He's the *man*! If you haven't heard of the wonderfulness that is my man df, then well, just go to, pull a copy of the JURPG pdf, and read the introduction. If you're not laughing at the end of that, you'll probably not understand just how special a person df is. He's extraordinarily talented in several areas, and is also one of the kindest people I've ever met in virtual space. Plus, he's one of the few people who's managed to successfully convince the Jihad, a noted band of skeptics, that he was two separate people, and I've got to give him mad props for that. :) I could rant on about how special of a person df is, but you'd all get bored, because it pretty much gets summed up into one word: "Wow!" DF is also high on the list of people I want to meet in real life, out there in the wilds of the capital of Canada. (At least, I *think* that's where he is these days.)

drdamocles -- Damo is another one of those characters. We don't always get along, and he's rather busy doing engineer-like things these days, but when I needed a question answered about firearms, Damo was the man. Also, he once spent time solving a mystery involving my sister and his half of the state simply because I asked him to. You can't ask for a better person than that.

duskcat -- *grin* Back in the days of the Undergrad, at a fabled university called Berkeley, there once was a student-run cluster of machines called the OCF. And lo, katster found herself in charge of the OCF, and had not help other than the guru they called Luns, who had learned the mystic art of Unix-fu in a strange land known as Toronto. So katster called unto the winds to bring her help, and the winds did bring her much help, including duskcat. On a more serious note, it was through the OCF that I met duskcat and he was much help in keeping the systems running and in making me feel that the OCF was not going to collapse with my leaving. And also, he's the guy that helped teach me Perl in the first place, and helped me get a project done in my classes by coaxing Perl to play nicely with my questionnaire. In other words, duskcat has been a wonderful friend, whom I'm proud to have gotten to know.

dwhagar -- Of everybody on my friendslist, with the exception of my kid sister, this is the guy I have known the longest. DWH and I have been good friends since he was in seventh grade and I was in eighth, which was the fall of 1991, which means that we're coming up on fifteen years of friendship. Also, it was DWH who was indirectly responsible for my being known as katster, for he's the one that got me into the BBS scene around Redding (and also told me I couldn't be kat, because there was already another kat on the boards. That other Kat turned out to be Katnip, and I became known as katster, and the rest was, as they say, history.) Anyway, DWH is a fellow geek, and somebody who I'm glad to say has always stuck by me through thick and through thin, which is why we're still friends now. Also, he's this wonderfully big-hearted person, who always seemed to care how I was feeling, and that helps too.

edg -- EDG is one of the guys whom I met via my being a fan of In Nomine (he was a Pyramidian too, but we don't really have a snappy name for folks who like IN, do we?) Anyway, EDG's gotten busy with life, but I loved the things he's written for IN, and also what he wrote in his journal, and I hope he's doing well with whatever he's up to now.

eiviiaru -- Another former Jihaddi whom I've only recently tracked down again, but back in the days when writing was the important thing running the Jihad, eiviiaru was one of the best. It's too bad I never really got the Snowcrest writing project off the ground because I picked her as one of my authors for the simple reason that she was among the best the Jihad had. It's neat to see that she's still RPing with the best of them, and yet has managed to make it to grad school, and I wish her all the best as she starts that this fall.

eleri -- Callahanian. I've always admired Eleri for taking what life has dealt her and fighting with everything she's got to make a bad hand good. She's an amazing person, and I'd love to have more time to sit down with her and chat than we had at the SFBay Callahanicon last year, because she's just that fascinating and that wonderful of a person. Also, she's had some helpful comments sometimes when I've most needed it, and that rates highly in my book too. :)

evilbenfranklin -- Galand! Another former Jihaddi, who, even when I was the rawest of newbies, treated me with kindness and respect. Galand is also a kickass writer, as I saw through several things that he wrote for the Jihad both before and after I joined, and I really wish he could find a low-stress job that he loves because he deserves it. He's that cool of a guy.

explorer_alpha -- One of zibblsnrt's best friends, I want to thank you for the way you just accepted me into the group when I came up to Halifax for a visit, sparring with me and chatting with me as if I'd been part of the Horde from the beginning. Also, sometimes when I've most needed it, you've provided a kind word, and you're one half of the best couple I've ever seen, along with _mjp_. You rock, and that's just *it*. :)

That does it for tonight's edition. Tomorrow is the fabulous F's and the glorious G's, and if I feel ambitious, the happening H's. (for planning purposes, it looks like the sets beyond that will be HI, J, (or IJ, if we get the H's in tomorrow), KL, MN...and we'll play it from there as to the end of the alphabet.)
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