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Web2.0 and your finances.

[15:01] William: Video games are very good at reward/punishment systems, and they reward the instilling of thought processes, like "do I have enough rupees" or "be wary of green squares."
[15:02] William: Play long enough, and like any habit of mind, it internalizes.
[15:02] NickM: "be wary of green squares" is good advice for living.
[15:02] * William waves a folded $10 bill at Nick.
[15:03] * NickM is wary.
[15:03] William: But $10 bills aren't green anymore, they're peach. :^)
[15:03] NickM: You didn't specify that it was a new $10.
[15:03] William: True, true.
[15:03] William: In which case, better safe than sorry.
[15:07] NickM: *nods sagely*
[15:10] William: After playing some of the longer RPGs for a while I frequently think of my finances in terms of my inventory and gp.
[15:11] Zibblsnrt: I imagine half this channel's used the term "critfail" in a non-RP context by now ;)
[15:13] * katster saw new $50s the other day.
[15:13] Calculus: Only half?
[15:13] katster: They're *pink*
[15:13] Zibblsnrt: no, $50s are red, dammit. ;)
[15:14] katster: Zibb: Our fifties.
[15:14] Zibblsnrt: bah
[15:14] dragfyre: ?!?
[15:14] dragfyre: american money changed colours?!?!?
[15:14] katster: the Treasury department seems to have this "pastel" thing going. Money as done in Web2.0
[15:14] Zibblsnrt: hee
[15:14] katster: df: Subtly, but yes.
[15:14] Calculus: ... now we have to Photoshop that. %)
[15:14] dragfyre: kats: o_O
[15:15] dragfyre: money including an RSS feed detailing when and where the money is spent?
[15:15] katster: yeah, it's kinda like a built in "Where's George?"
[15:16] Gandalf: web2.0 money... does that mean everyone can edit it and collaborate on what it is?
[15:16] Zibblsnrt: G: "This penny is worth twelve dollars"?
[15:16] Gandalf: sure! or 'This penny has my portrait on it'
[15:17] Gandalf: or 'this bit of lint is the new $100 bill'
[15:17] Zibblsnrt: We need to go back to classical currency and mint our own coins as a method of protest. %)
[15:18] Zibblsnrt: You know, like Cal running off quarters with his face and "CALCVLVS IMPERATOR AMERICANA" around them or something
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