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amusements while cleaning.

Sorting, cleaning, filing, putting away. I'm in the middle of trying to go through several boxes that have accumulated over the last ten to twelve years.

And in one box, I come across something called the Berkeley Counterpoint. It's dated Spring 1996, so I must have picked it up when I was on campus at some point -- I was down there twice in two weeks, once visiting with CSF, and once to do my Regents Scholarship interview. And it's fascinating for a couple reasons.

One is for the front page article, headlined "Professor Takes Course into 21st Century", which talks about one Berkeley prof's efforts to make his class Web-accessible -- a big thing in 1996. But the thing I find funny about it is that the professor in question who was doing this was Assistant Professor of Economics Brad DeLong...yes, that Brad DeLong.

The second thing that was funny was that as I poked through this newsprint, I realize that it's the predecessor of the California Patriot, the mouthpiece of the Berkeley Republicans.

Which, if you're familiar with DeLong's blog, you will understand why this is funny. %)
Tags: cal, nostalgic, politics, silliness, the past

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