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more wai?

Math class...kinda got cancelled. Or at least the teacher skipped. Whether this is a good thing or not is still kinda up in the air. Melissa's a bit upset 'cause she doesn't understand her homework. I haven't done my homework yet. Melissa feels abandoned and neglected by her math teacher (who is my math teacher too, for those of you keeping score at home.)

If this was a soap opera, we'd have sudden music, and these questions appear on the screen:

Will Melissa ever be able to forgive her math teacher?
Will Kat ever do her homework?
Will Melissa and Kat pass math class, or will the test (next Tuesday or Wednesday) eat us both alive!

Tune in next Monday for the answers to these and other important questions!

Using the SWAG technique we learned in math class...we predict that our math teacher WILL show up to math class on Monday. %)

(BTW, Melissa is in my math group. The only other person in my math group.)

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