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4-1, 2-0 going into one of the toughest games on the schedule.

Not much to say here, other than another fantastic game by the team. (This game wasn't televised, so I was only listening to the KGO broadcast over the internet.) Next week should be the tale of the tape, as Oregon comes to town, and they're one of the three best Pac-10 schools. (The other two are USC and Cal. And yes, it feels strange to write that.)

It feels good to get a win, though.

DateOpponentCal scoreOpp. scoreCal totalOpp. total
9/16Portland State421610268
9/23Arizona State492115189
9/30@Oregon State4113192102
10/14@Washington State
12/2109th Big Game v. Stanford
Total Wins4Cal Avg PPG38.4
Total Losses1Opp Avg PPG20.4

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