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it's a silly error that I otherwise wouldn't have noticed...

So I'm working on my Peachtree homework.

And the book directs me to write down an address with the following city/state/zipcode:

Eugene, OR 94703.

Now, you probably wouldn't have doubletook at this, but I know that wasn't Eugene's zip code. Not because I've lived in Eugene, but because I've lived in Berkeley, and have seen that zipcode printed several times. It's just south of city center (it might be the municipal buildings' zip code.) In fact, in college, I had the next number up, which is 94704. :)

But the point is, it's not in Eugene. (Which probably is something in the 97 range, I've not bothered to look it up. fb says it's 97403. Yeah. I really trust this book...) ;)
Tags: berkeley, peachtree, zip codes
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