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Something goes right for once...

w00t! I'm actually ahead of schedule in Powerpoint Class, and already pondering my final project. I've got a rough idea, but I'm gonna need to play with the idea s'more, and see what can be done with it.

Still a bit nervous about my psych test, but I caught my teacher in the hall before class, and she said not to worry too much. And we talked about Erikson's obsession with I's. initiative vs. doubt. industry vs....argh. Oh well. My brain is fried anyway, nothing new.

But yeah, it feels good to be ahead rather than behind. I LIKE this class, and am busy steaming my way ahead, so at the end of the semester I can have RELAXING Friday mornings where I can bug all you nuts on LJ and stuff. :)

w00t. w00t. happy katster. For once.

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