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Uh, well, *that* was unexpected.

I was thinking shootout, but I didn't think we'd quite make 40 points on Oregon. Of course, I didn't expect Oregon to cough up the ball four times either. And DeSean Jackson brought another punt back for a touchdown, which makes two on the season for him. He's scored a touchdown in every game so far. Next week is the trip to the Palouse to take on the Washington State Cougars, in a game that scares me. (Cal doesn't do well at Washington State.)

Although, I'm not sure *what* to think of the uniforms Cal came out in today. Picture under the cut, with thanks to the SF Chron, where I found the picture.

DateOpponentCal scoreOpp. scoreCal totalOpp. total
9/16Portland State421610268
9/23Arizona State492115189
9/30@Oregon State4113192102
10/14@Washington State
12/2109th Big Game v. Stanford
Total Wins5Cal Avg PPG39.5
Total Losses1Opp Avg PPG21

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