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La Loma Suitemates
Originally uploaded by retstak.
Well, I've figured out how to get my scanner working.

And so this is the first item I've scanned. It's a picture of my freshman year suitemates. This picture has hung on the wall in most of the rooms I occupied in student housing as an undergraduate.

I know luns will recognize two people in this picture, as we made the surprising discovery that he knew one of these people long before he knew me.

But if you recognize anybody else in the picture, or know anybody who lived in Suite 1B27 in Foothill-La Loma in 1996-1997, I'd love to hear from any of these folks.

And if you couldn't tell, I'm the one in the Cat in the Hat hat. The thing you can't tell from this picture is that said Cat in the Hat hat is blue and gold in striping instead of the traditional red and white. (Can't have red and white. Those are Stanford's colors...)

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