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So much to do and so little time.

Things I have to accomplish before Th between 2-3 PM:

- Get up and start potroast
- Make phone calls for Bill Durston
- Get most of the stuff packed for next week
- Go to Joel's office hours to see what we're covering next week
- Go to accounting class
- Pay parking ticket

W or Th
- Finish Peachtree so I don't have to bring that book with me
- Make Th evening's dinner for the folks
- Load car

- Drop phone call list at Durston's Fair Oaks office
- Vacuum living room/mom's bedroom. Dust things down.
- Take out trash.

I'm going to be in the Bay Area for a week. My purpose for being there is to watch mactavish and deyo's dogs for them. They've been kind enough to let me actually go places, though, as long as I don't leave the dogs alone for too long. I've made arrangements with some folks on Wednesday, so it's kinda busy, but if you want to see me, and you're in the Bay Area, jump up and down and wave or something, and I'll see what I can do. (Also, spitgirl, we need to plan something, with or without luns.)

Things I need to remember to bring with me:
sleeping bag, pillow, business law book, financial accounting book, my laptop, the two external hard disks, the usb drives, clothes for a week, my DVDs, a few books for pleasure reading, meds, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, jacket, sweatshirt. Can anybody think of anything else?
Tags: bay area, todo

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