the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

The last minute plans.

I am hanging with luns. Ph33r us.

I can park in front of his apartment building until 9 AM for free. I'll probably go outside just before nine and feed the meter, so I'll have another hour or so to gather my stuff and get it packed back in the car. Then I've got a few hours that I'll have to figure out what to do with both me and the car before I go down to mactavish and deyo's place, and get my last minute marching instructions.

I brought too much stuff. But that's okay. it gives me choices. *grin*

Um, my plans for the week aren't really thought out well yet, other than I'm going to visit with a few folks that helped me through college on W in the late morning and early afternoon, and I'll probably drop in on the usual W evening shindig at the Starport, but I can't stay very long. (That is, if the usual W shindig is happening. When I last talked to chaoswolf, it was, but I'd better doublecheck that.)

whytraven, I'd love to do something on Monday with you. I know we had talked about finding the Berkeley markers at one point, since I know the campus and the general area around it, but if you think you'd be more comfortable in South Bay, I could come down and find you. (BluDice decided to go walkabout and I wasn't sure where he disappeared to, but I finally found him under the bed.)

spitgirl, I'm talking with luns about a good day for us all to get together and have dinner. I'll work it out with you at some point. Do you have my cellphone number?

I think that about covers it. Some of the week is just going to be spent hanging with the dogs and doing some work that needs to get done when I'm in a mostly distraction free environment. I love my folks, but ... it's hard to concentrate there.

Anyway, that about sums it up.
Tags: bay area, dogsitting, plans

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