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Days 4 and 5

It's been a good couple of days. DJ is scared of me when I'm standing, and when I first arrive back after being gone, but as she grows used to my presence, she gets a little more trusting. Enough so that I'm sitting at the kitchen table and was able to give her a bellyrub. Zoe is Zoe, just her usual happy-go-lucky self. Last night, we had chicken for dinner, and the dogs loved that. Tonight, I was out for a bit, so I brought dinner home and shared.

Also, you haven't lived until you've had dogs wrestling across you when you're lying in bed. %)

Yesterday, I sat around, talking with folks on the net and reading Curse of the Narrows, which is about the Halifax Explosion, and why Halifax gives a Christmas tree to Boston every year. (The book's fascinating -- so much that I think I'm going to get a copy of my own. And maybe one for zibblsnrt too, because I like giving him stuff, and I think he'd like the book.)

Today was the busy day, since I had lunch in Berkeley and evening in San Jose. I stopped off at the base camp in between, so I wasn't gone overly long at any point. The funny part was that I let DJ and Zoe go out front while I was packing things into my car to go to Berkeley, and I left a door open. I wasn't thinking very hard, and suddenly I had two dogs in the car, ready to go. I was sorry to disappoint them. :) In Berkeley, I met with Aaron and Cathy, two folks who were instrumental in getting me through my grad program. Down in San Jose, after driving through commute traffic, I got to the Starport and was able to catch gridlore and kshandra briefly. It's always nice to see chaoswolf, mdlbear, super_star_girl, and flower_cat.

Speaking of commute traffic, a few tips. One, the merge lane means "get over when it's safe", not "speed to the end of the lane and bludgeon your way into traffic." Two, there's a nifty little invention on your car which is called "the blinkers". There's probably a little lever right next to your steering wheel, and you push up to signal right and down to signal left. If you get confused, think about how you'd hit it if you were turning the wheel to execute the turn. Please use this to signal your intention before you change lanes, not during. Three, it's a stalled car and/or an accident. It's nothing special. It's probably not the president. There's probably nobody being carted from the burning wreckage with blood everywhere. Keep driving, fool, and pay attention to the person in front of you, or you'll be the one everybody's gawking at when *you* have the accident.

And now Zoe's passed out on the shelf in the kitchen, and I think DJ is on the bed, and I've been going to bed right around midnight, so it's time to turn in.

Tomorrow plans to be nice and relaxing, I'll get some necessary chores done and some studying, and then I'll meet luns and spitgirl at a place nearby (E. 14th and Hesperian, I think.) I know where both those streets are in relation to where I am, and I have a local map in the car. (It cost me $5, but $5 to be able to navigate without getting utterly lost in a maze of twisty little neighborhoods all alike and getting eaten by a grue is worth it.)

Friday night, I have tentative plans with damienroc in the City for dinner, which, if I'm going to do that, I'll BART in.

Saturday is devoted to packing and loading.

It's been a wonderful week so far. I'm saddened that it's more than half over.
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