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day two of the nano adventure.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,409 / 50,000

Well, two scenes done. I've got to contemplate where the third scene goes, but I've got a pretty good idea. And the fourth scene (well, maybe fifth) involves one of my favorite characters in this year's Nano novel -- Finnegan Scholar. (And yes, how a just graduated from mage college wizard ended up with an epithet is a story I plan to tell when he shows up.)

But this is enough for one day.

I had an accounting midterm today, and then I goofed off at the write-in because of said test, but I got back on the writing bandwagon tonight and got nearly another 2k out today. At this rate, I'll be done before my birthday, but I know that it'll slog soon enough, and I'm just trying to build up momentum before I get to the slog point.

But at the moment, I'm content to be making good time.

As a friendly reminder, you can read this year's Nano novel at katsterwrites. Comment here or there and I'll friend you so you can. (If you asked me to add you last year, I've not taken you off, so go ahead and knock yourself out.) As an added bonus, if you missed last year's Nanoing, you can read what I have on the 2005 Nano novel at that same place. It's two two two Nanos in one!

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