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I'm glad I got a good jump on Nano this year.

Because this cold/whatever the hell it's turned into is kicking my ass. I pretty much took an almost zero day (I got a couple hundred words down today) but I'm okay about that because I'm ahead of the game.

I finally managed to wrangle a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. That's good, because I was going to put "going to the ER" on my agenda for tomorrow if that hadn't happened. It's also good because I'm tired of coughing. And not being able to hear.

It's also nice to go to bed on election night being moderately happy at the results. (I'd be happier if I heard how Tester's doing in MT, but hey, that can wait until morning. I care about Tester not only for the senate control thing, but also because I've only given money to three candidates -- Dean for prez, Durston for Congress in my congressional district, and Tester for Senate in MT. Of those, two didn't win. I'm hoping to break my losing streak.)

I think I'll go to sleep now.
Tags: elections, illness, nano, nano2006, politics, stupid cold

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