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fun with leftover halloween candy

me: mutters about the yummy and delicious eyeball that didn't want to come out and be ate.
friend: ?
me: is there something there you didn't understand? ;)
me: finally got it out. For I am a dexterous monkey and have opposable thumbs.
friend: Yeah that whole last sentence you sent! :P
me: mean you don't normally hear about yummy and delicious eyeballs? ;)
friend: No.
me: what planet are you from?
friend: Earth.
me: You can't be. 'Cause I'm from Earth.
friend: I am too.
me: and you've never heard of yummy and delicious eyeballs?
friend: Nope.
me: What backwards culture were you raised in? ;)
friend: :P which point I had to admit it was a gummy eyeball. (Which, weirdly enough, do not trigger my eye squick. Don't ask me why.)

In other news, I have antibiotics and codeine cough syrup, so maybe I'll feel well enough tomorrow to pick back up the pace on the Nano novel. The official diagnosis is definite outer ear and sinus infections, probable bronchitis, and possible middle ear infections. And my chest hurts from coughing so much. So I think I'm going to go sit in the bathtub with The Great Deluge s'more and then take some wonderful cough syrup and go to bed, free from hack hack hacking.
Tags: friends, funny, illness, nano2006, stupid cold

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