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There's a certain agony that's particular to being a Cal fan.

Once it was WSU and a fumble on the one yard line.

This time, if DeSean had just been bare millimeters to the right...or if their wide reciever had been called on the pass interference instead of Dante Hughes...or if Lavelle hadn't tripped on the one yard line...or if Longshore had just been a little more careful with his passes...

DeSean Jackson did everything he could to win us that game, but in the end, it just wasn't enough.

Cal loses. It's not improbable that we could still spend New Years' in Pasadena; it's just become a lot harder.

Next week, USC.

Hey, and congrats to Rutgers on that nice win the other day.

DateOpponentCal scoreOpp. scoreCal totalOpp. total
9/16Portland State421610268
9/23Arizona State492115189
9/30@Oregon State4113192102
10/14@Washington State213258129
10/21Washington3124 (OT)289153
12/2109th Big Game v. Stanford
Total Wins8Cal Avg PPG34.7
Total Losses2Opp Avg PPG20.1

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