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When did this happen?

Here is today's amusement.

I get letters in my email from my local library about books that have come in for me. (I can also log into the online system and see them, so I knew the book was at the library already.) This is what it said:

Mon Nov 20 2006
It's waiting for you! Please pick up your item within ten days.

AUTHOR: Brooks, Max.
World War Z : an oral history of th
CALL NO: 818.602 BRO
BARCODE: 31740002337115

Well, of course, other than the "I got this because my friends (hi mrfnord!) thought it was pretty cool", here's the thing I'm amused at. You see that call number?

Well, here's a call number for a book I checked out earlier:
AUTHOR: Maguire, Gregory.
TITLE: Son of a witch : a novel
CALL NO: fic s Maguire
BARCODE: 33029056887888

So...apparently this zombie war actually happened when I wasn't paying attention. I should really pay more attention to current events.
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