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Okay folks, I need a favor

So. I have new shiny palm with a tiny address book, and that address book needs to be filled. So I'm going to kill two birds with one stone.

Give me as much as your contact information as you feel I ought to have. (Yes, even if I have your address memorized, I still want it. This means you, zibblsnrt. The rest of you, if I'm telling Zibb to do it, that means I want yours too.) As a bonus, I'll also use my Palm address book to compile my $winterholiday card list. (If you have a strong preference for a specific winter holiday, feel free to let me know that too.)

All entries on this post are screened. The address book takes names, addresses, phone #'s (home/cell/fax/work/whathaveyou), email, one IM client, webpage, and birthday. (It'll even take a picture, but I don't know what the default size is.)

Have at it.
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