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My head comes up with the craziest junk.


I don't really remember the first part of the dream last night, except that a company had come up with a vaccine for a dread disease, and things were going well despite a series of setbacks. And then things went a little crazy. I dunno why it shifted, but underpope showed up, and he was dating/married to the mother of a friend of my sister's, but things weren't going well, and they just had a fight.

Now underpope lived on a farm with his mom and dad, and I don't know where his mom and dad were, except that they weren't there, and they'd hired me to watch their cats and dogs. So I was pretty familiar with the house, and trying to shoo kids off the property, even when they were just going down to the creek to look at pumpkins. So I was trying to deal with all of that when underpope got back from his "date" with his girlfriend/wife. (Earlier, I had told the two of them that I knew them and respected them, and that I figured they could probably figure out a way to work out their differences, but if they didn't, that was okay.)

Somehow, here, my brain wandered off on a tangent about how many sugar cubes you could fit in a semi-closed fist. Don't ask me why, my brain just sometimes wanders completely off course like that. And somehow I end up with approximately 40, and I come in to show him the drawing of how I'd managed to do it, and he was kinda interested.

Anyway, he and I got to talking, and it turns out that for some reason he knew pernishus, and that he liked said person, but was a little annoyed that pernishus was the sort of guy who would scalp tickets for big name concerts. And I said that I didn't really see him as the type, and he said that yeah, well, that's what you get for teaching at Afro, and I said, "You mean Dal?" and he said, "Yeah, that's what I meant, why did I say...?" And I kinda made a joke about it, that I had to know my Haligonian universities.

So we just kinda got to talking. For some reason, I was living in a trailer, and the trailer was pretty cold at night (there'd been a cold snap recently -- in fact, there was a note at his place to turn the oven on so one wouldn't freeze to death), so I asked him if he minded me staying there for the night, and he said yes, and I said, is that yes I mind, or yes, it's okay? And he said it was the latter, and it could get pretty interesting anyway, and I had a funny feeling he needed the company.

So we talked about his fight with his wife/girlfriend and how the date went, and then I said that I might take him up on his nagging service (I'm sure he'll understand that ref), and there was a little more small talk made.

And then the alarm went off.

My head gets *really* strange sometimes.
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