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In the twilight, I can believe in magic.

I call Redding Boringtown and Nowheresville in what I refer to as a jest, but it always had some bite to it. I thought I hated the place. I don't really, though. I hated being stuck in Redding, but I find myself missing the place now that I'm visiting again. I miss seeing mountains. (Yeah, sure, if you get up on a overpass or something in Sacramento, you can see the crest of the Sierra, but it's *not* the same.) I miss the beauty of the place. And I miss the way the twilight sneaks up on you.

And I miss the bridge.

It's funny, I never went to the bridge while I was up here, but now that I've been out there, I see that it's worth missing. And when it all comes together, the bridge, the river, and the twilight, it looks something like this.

Rocks and Reflections

And as I walked back across the bridge, I saw Venus in the western sky, and smiled. Because in the twilight, I can believe in magic. And I am content, even in Boringtown.

(look at other photos in the set)
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