the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

the k's have it...

As stolen from gridlore, a variant on Scattergories - everything on the list must begin with the same letter as your name.

(And yes, gridlore, K is a lot harder than D...the college major one nearly blew me out of the water. *grin*)

More substantive post later. Maybe.

1. Athlete: Joe Kapp, the only man to play in a Rose Bowl, a Grey Cup, and a Super Bowl.
1A. Deity: Kali
2. 4 letter word: Kite
3. Street name: K (Washington, DC), Kearney (San Francisco)
4. Color: blacK (Ever wonder what the K was in CYMK? There it is.) More seriously, Khaki
5. Gifts/presents: Kitten
6. Vehicles: Kayak
7. Tropical Locations: Kokomo Island
8. College Majors: Korean Studies
9. Dairy Products: Kefir, Khoa, Kaymak
10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Knickknacks
11. Boy Name: Kenneth, Kieran
12. Girl Name: Katherine, Kristin
13. Movie Titles: K19, Kill Bill
14. Alcohol: Kefir (yes, it's both dairy and alcoholic)
15. Occupations: Kindergarten teacher, Kiln operator
16. Flowers: Kiss-me over-the garden gate, kangaroo paw, knotweed
17. Celebrities: Keanu Reeves, BB King
18. Magazines: Kiplinger's Personal Finance
19. U.S. Cities: Kalamazoo, MI
20. Pro Sports Team: Kings (Sacramento)
21. Song: King Midas in Reverse

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